Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sports News 2/13/16

This has been a crazy week in sports, with news from the Super Bowl, to trade talks in the NBA, to crazy things happening in college hoops. It's been an interesting week, to say the least .
In NFL news, the Denver Broncos came out victors in the 50th Super Bowl. Their high-powered defense struck down on Carolina's top offense by having 6 sacks on Cam Newton and forcing 4 fumbles. Denver's Von Miller got the MVP for the game by showing an amazing performance on the defensive side of the ball. He was the first defensive player to win the MVP since Ray Lewis did back in 2001 with the Baltimore Ravens.
Crazy trade rumors have been circling around the NBA, talking about high-caliber players like Kobe, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant. Most of these rumors are definitely false, like Carmelo's and Kobe's, but KD hasn't turned down the rumor of him maybe going to the Golden State Warriors. Curiosity has also been peaked with this because word says that the Warriors have the money to sign on Durant, with a cap room of around $180 million. This is sad to hear though, coming from an avid Oklahoma City fan. 
College hoops: upsets around every corner. Starting with North Carolina, arguably the best team in the NCAA, has lost 2 in the last 4 games, putting them down from 2nd to 9th in the AP Poll. Villanova is sitting on the throne of number 1, being the only team to have 1 loss this season. It's kinda surprising to see them on top again after struggling to make it big in the Big East Conference
That's all for me for this week in sports news. I'll see you next week *wink*.

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