Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sports News 3/5/16

This week in sports news, the NCAA will start March Madness in 8 days, which is very exciting for any college basketball fan. The top four seeds this includes the following: North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas, and Virginia. As a surprise to a lot of people, teams like Michigan State and Oklahoma are 2 seeds, even though Michigan State is number 2 in the nation as of right now. Also, Oklahoma is ranked 6 in the nation, higher than North Carolina is. In my opinion, I think that the top 4 in the tournament should be the following: Kansas, Villanova, Michigan State, and Oklahoma. I have it with those 4 because these teams have excelled all year at winning games and pulling out clutch wins. Although they've all had some rough losses, like an undefeated Kansas losing to a 3-5 Texas in December, they have showed that they deserve to be the top in their brackets. I am looking forward to this year's tournament because there will be so many upsets and everyone loves to see the underdog win. Out of the 4 that are currently number 1, I think that North Carolina would be the one to be on upset alert. This is because they are a very poor 3-point shooting team, with only a 28% shooting percentage. But since they are the nation's best team with scoring inside the three line, I think they could avoid the upset in the early rounds when they play the lower seeds. So that'll do it for this week's news in the sports world. Zach Wandrey, signing off for now!