Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sports News 4/30/16

A lot happened this week in the great world of sports. NBA Playoffs have started off with the Spurs, Thunder, Cavs, and Warriors all winning their respective series. There is a few teams left that have to play a Game 7 tonight. Also in NBA news, Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton agreed to be the Los Angeles Lakers new head coach. Walton had to take over the Warriors at the beginning of the season while Steve Kerr, the head coach, was out for back surgery. He led the Warriors to a 39-4 start to the season. He will hopefully bring the Lakers out of the hole they've been in the last two years, after coming off the worst two seasons in program history. 
College baseball is in the heat of the season, with Florida and Texas A&M topping off the NCAA. Earlier today, however, Texas A&M was knocked off by Arkansas, who lit up the amazing Aggie pitching staff. In that game, 5 of the 14 runs in total were from home runs, two homers from A&M and one from the Razorbacks. 
So that will do it for this week in sports news. So exciting every time, huh?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

This week in sports news, the MLB season began and some rookies have been lighting up in the spotlight. By far the most impressive of them all is the Colorado Rockies player Trevor Story. This kid has certainly been making a "story" for himself. He has been absolutely lighting it up at the plate this season, hitting 6 home runs in his first 4 career games. It makes it even better that he is only playing right now because Jose Reyes is injured and cannot play for a few weeks. After this amazing debut of his slugging ability, he may just find a permanent spot on the Rockies roster this year. Also in the news, NBA Playoffs start soon, with the Warriors and the Cavaliers sitting at the top of their respective conferences. The Warriors are still chasing the crazy 73-win season, beating out the '95-'96 Chicago Bulls for the most wins in the regular season. The Warriors are very likely to reach the 72 wins the Bulls had 20 years ago, but the chance of getting 73 is slimming since they have to win their last 4 games to get to the 73-9 record they need. That'll wrap up sports for this week. I'll see y'all next week.