Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sports News 1/30/16

This week in sports news, Super Bowl 50 is just a week away, the X Games kicked off on Friday, and NBA hoops got a bit heated. With the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos preparing to play in the big game, everyone is getting hyped up about the biggest time in the NFL season. This game has been in every conversation in the NFL world for weeks. 
In the X Games, there has been a few events completed, like Men's Snowboarding and Ski Freestyle. Most events were ended early this weekend because of all of the snow that Aspen has had. 
In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors almost lost Saturday night and the Cavs barely beat the Spurs. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sports 1/16/16

Sports News 1/16/16

This week in sports news, NFL has kicked off into the playoffs, NBA had some huge upsets, and the NFL draft talk is consuming the college football world. 
First off in the NFL, playoffs have started off with some big wins. The Patriots won in a close battle with the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score was 27-20. In the NFC, the Packers and the Cardinals had a crazy battle on Saturday, with a crazy overtime  upset win by the Cardinals, 26-20. 
Switching to the NBA, there were some big upsets this week. The best team right now, the Golden State Warriors, were upset by the Detroit Pistons. The final score was surprisingly large, with the
Pistons having 113 and the Warriors having only 95. This was very surprising because the Warriors' captain Steph Curry had a pretty good night on the offensive side with 31 points, which is pretty average for the high-caliber weapon of that team. 
Now to the NFL draft. The College Football world has been overrun with talk of who is going to the NFL. Big names like Ezekiel Elliot from Ohio State, DeSaun Watson from Clemson, and Derrick Henry from Alabama are all going to be quick selections in the Draft coming in April. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sports News 1/9/16

This week in sports has been jam-packed with College Playoff games, NFL teams making it to the playoffs, NBA rookies showing their stuff, and much more.
 In college football, Clemson and Alabama will face off in the National Championship game on January 11th. Clemson routed Oklahoma to punch their ticket, and Alabama took care of Michigan St. in their semifinal game. Granted, both teams were unanimously the favorites to win their respective games, but no one was ready for the pounding Michigan State received from the Crimson Tide. Michigan State had just beat one of the best teams in the country, rank #3 Ohio State, to earn the #3 spot in the Playoffs. But as soon as kickoff started, the Spartans weren't ready for the Tide. Alabama took care of their business and whipped the Spartans 38-0 for their chance to play for the National Championship.
The NFL has started to get their playoff teams set also. The top teams this year are Carolina, New England, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Denver, Washington, Arizona, and Houston. These teams, along with the two wild cards in each conference, have made it to the playoffs. Pretty exciting, right?
In NBA news, some rookies have been showing what they are made of this year, including Lakers guard D'Angelo Russel. He scored a career high 27 points in their tough loss against the Sacramento Kings on Thursday. After a few and-one plays, he showed some swag by dancing and doing the "Hotline Bling".